Secrets to buying HCG Diet Injections Online – Updated 2020

You’re here for a reason. You already know how incredible the results of HCG have been for others, so you’re ready to try it out for yourself. But, where do you go to buy your HCG injections? You want to lose weight quickly; but, to do so safely, you also have to purchase your injections from a legitimate pharmacy. This is critical for your weight loss success, and your safety, while you’re on HCG.

Dating back to the 1950s, HCG has become popularized in recent years, given the extreme weight loss success many dieters have had on it. And, virtually anywhere you look, you can find products which are labeled as “HCG”, but are they truly HCG? 

Once the weight loss success became known to the fitness industry, many scammers started producing “HCG.” However, these products contain byproducts, fillers, and other dangerous ingredients in the mix. This is why it is imperative that you do your research and due diligence when shopping for HCG online. Chain stores began selling HCG and marketing it as “real”, even though the products were diluted with other fillers. 

The end result of these scammers and pop-up stores selling diluted HCG was the fact that dieters weren’t seeing the results they hoped for on the HCG diet. What scammers were doing were selling a small amount of HCG, mixed with other ingredients for the same price as real HCG. In some cases, they were selling it for more money online. 

Because of this, and to ensure the safety of those who use HCG, the FDA stepped in. The agency banned the sale of over the counter HCG in stores. Although this helped clean up the market, it made it difficult for some people who wanted to buy HCG, to get a hold of it. Even with the FDA’s intervention, there are many dieters who are lured into purchasing fake, or homeopathic HCG. 

What many health stores do today, is market the HCG they sell as “homeopathic.” For dieters who aren’t doing their research, they believe this is real HCG, when in fact, it isn’t. These products are diluted. But, since they are marketed as safe and “natural,” the FDA can’t ban the sale of these items in stores and health food chains. 

What to Know if Ordering Online 

Do your research. It really is that simple in many cases. If a product is labeled as “homeopathic” it is not real HCG. So, don’t buy it. Make sure you read the label, make sure you know what is in the mix, and make sure you know how the injections are made before ordering. In addition to being less effective, it is also not safe. And, for those who have lost weight on “homeopathic” injections, it’s primarily a result of the VLCD (very low calorie diet), not because of the injections they were using. 

Why Illegitimate Injections are Dangerous

Simple, they don’t contain the hormone your body needs while consuming such few calories during the day. If you’re on a VLCD, and don’t have the additional “fuel or energy” source from the HCG hormone, this puts your body in peril. It makes it dangerous for you to continue consuming such a low calorie diet, without the nutrients you’d get from real HCG injections. It can destroy muscle tissue and cause damage to your heart. 

Where to Buy Real Injections

Previously, you could just visit a clinic. But, today it isn’t sold over the counter anymore. We’re your solution to finding real HCG online. Titan Medical can write your prescription and fill it for your HCG injections. 

There are still numerous scam artists out there, so don’t shop with any site. If it isn’t pharmaceutical grade, and sold by a licensed pharmacy, it isn’t real HCG. Titan medical has a team full of:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Knowledgeable staff

Any, and everyone on their staff can answer the questions you have about HCG. And, we can discuss your dosage, how it’ll work, how effective it will be, and any additional information you might need, when you order your HCG injections from us. 

Order with Titan Medical Today

Titan medical is the top HCG diet clinic in the world, offering several anti aging, weight loss, and muscle building services to its customers. We highly recommend looking into Titan medical as your clinic to begin your HCG injections.



*** Speak to your doctor prior to starting the HGH diet. You should discuss your health risks and concerns, any medications you are taking, and family history. This piece is informational, and intended to discuss benefits of HGH. It isn’t meant to diagnose or help you decide the best approach for weight loss if you are overweight. If you are considering ordering HGH online, make sure it is from a licensed, registered pharmacy. You should only order with a US-based online pharmacy. Avoid sites which don’t require a prescription or seem like their product line may be tainted in any way.


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Sam has worked with several universities, pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the USA and Europe, most notably Harvard University as a chemical analyst, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Working with scientific research in biologics, pharmaceutics, and chemicals. He was a scientist visitor at the University of South Florida working at the College of Pharmacy.

He has practiced and learned at Stanford School of Medicine how to scientifically edit papers also published 2 papers during the work at the University of South Florida. Afterwards, he went to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich at the pharmaceutical sciences department under Prof. Dr. Ursula Quitterer a member of the Nobel Prize Committee for Chemistry. In Pharma he managed the in-house stability programs for the finished products. Review data and reports ensuring precise and accurate testing is performed. Graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a B.Sc. in Biology / minor in Chemistry and M.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany. Last but not least, he has a M.A in Business Management from Harvard University.


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