Secrets to Mixing HCG Correctly – Updated 2020

Properly mixing HCG injections is essential if you want your body to readily absorb the hormone while on the HCG diet. There’s no guesswork when it comes to mixing the vials we send you after you place your order of HCG injections at Titan medical.

Titan Medical will include all of the ingredients you need syringes, needles, and vials, so you are ready to start your diet immediately. And, your HCG injections will also come with detailed instructions, and images, so you can see exactly what you have to do in order to mix the injections properly, prior to injecting the HCG needle. Here’s everything you need to know about properly mixing your HCG injections, before you get started on your HCG diet journey. 


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Mixing the Syringe

Upon receiving your HCG injection kit, you’ll first use the large mixing syringe to withdraw 5 ml of the mixing solution. You’ll take the 5 ml and inject it directly into the side of the HCG vial that comes with your kit. Do not inject it directly on top of the powder in the vial. Make sure you inject on the side of the vial to ensure the HCG properly incorporates into the syringe. 

Mixing the Liquid

Once you have incorporated the 5 ml into the vial, you’re slowly going to swirl the mix. Hold the bottle on its side in between both hands, and slowly swirl it back and forth to mix the ingredients fully. Do not shake the bottle quickly or roughly as this can cause the liquids to leak. Make sure you slowly and gently mix the ingredients together, as this ensures the HCG hormone is properly incorporated, and that you’re getting the full dosage in the syringe when you’re ready to inject it. 

Refrigerate Immediately

Once you have mixed your HCG injection vials completely, they’re ready for use. Make sure you refrigerate the drops immediately after you have swirled the solution in the vial. Doing so will preserve your drops for a longer period of time. 

If you do not plan on using the HCG injections immediately, you can freeze them for a period of time. If you are not sure if you’ll use the injections shortly after ordering them, feel free to contact our team at Entourage Hormones. We’ll discuss how you should freeze them, how long you can freeze the syringe for, and how to do so safely, so that the injections don’t lose their potency for the time they are being frozen. 

Injecting the Syringe

When you’re ready to start the HCG diet, you’ll take the syringe and place it into the vial. Draw up to the number marked “20”, which is equal to .2 ml of liquid on your syringe. You’ll want to inject this directly into a fatty area of the body. The stomach is the best area to inject. 

You can inject three inches to the left or right of your belly button. Make sure you place the needle into your stomach at an angle. You’ll pinch about one inch of body fat on your stomach, and inject the needle directly into the skin. Once the syringe is empty, remove the needle from your stomach, and press down firmly on the area with an alcohol swab to minimize pain or discomfort after your injection. 

Don’t Mix Multiple Vials

When mixing your vials, make sure you only do one at a time. Make sure you don’t order too many vials at a time, or that you won’t be able to finish your HCG injections by the expiratory date. It’s best to order frequently, rather than to over-order and let your HCG go to waste. If you are unsure of how to store, or how much you should mix at once, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you 24/7 over the phone or online. 

Patient Agreement 

It is your right to care for yourself at home; you also have the right to care for a loved one from the comfort of your home. If you have any questions regarding these instructions for mixing your HCG injections, you can contact us. It’s also important to note that you have the right to refuse the instructions we have provided above. 

Feel free to discuss with your doctor or another specialist if you don’t feel comfortable using the instructions we have provided above. 

Please note that this instruction guide for mixing and storing your HCG injections is strictly meant to serve as instructional only. We are not providing you information for diagnosing, treating, or otherwise self-medicating with HCG injections. This is not intended as medical advice either. 

If you have questions about HCG injections, their safety for use, and whether or not it is safe for you to use them, your doctor is the best person for you to talk to. They can inform you of the risks, and whether it is safe for you to use the injections based on your personal health history. Your doctor, nurse, or your local pharmacist, are licensed to diagnose, treat, and provide you with medical advice. This guide is informational, and simply intended to inform you of the best way to mix our HCG injections and store them, to extend the life cycle and to ensure you achieve the best results if you’re using our injections for weight loss success. 

Contact Titan medical at anytime

Still have questions about mixing our HCG injections? Not sure how to use our injections or how to mix the vials once you are ready to administer? Feel free to contact Titan Medical at any time. Their nurses, doctors, and pharmacists are available to answer your calls 24/7.

Consult with our medical department before you place your order. You’ll have to fill out a short medical questionnaire before we fill your prescription. If there are any discrepancies, or if we need to discuss the HCG injections with you, we’ll reach out to you before prescribing them as well. At this time you can ask our staff any questions you might have about the injections, how to use them, store them, or mix them. 

We want you to succeed on the HCG injections, and we want you to safely reach your weight loss goals. This is why we are here to assist you in selling the best pharmaceutical grade HCG, and to help you when you’re ready to begin the diet. 

*** Utilize this piece for informational purposes only. This isn’t meant to diagnose, treat, or provide you with the best approach for weight loss. Your doctor or a specialist will better guide you in deciding what to try for weight loss, and what the safest options are for you based on your personal health history.

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